LSW 1584 Chi Fu


Hare - Sweaty Snailgobbler (Voldemort)

A loyal bunch of runners - all four - turned up at the Chi Fu Landmark despite the Typhoon 3¾ warning issued by the Ministry of Magic... err the HK Observatory.

With instructions to follow environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, white plastic bags tied to anything that didn't move, or hopefully didn't move in the impending typhoon, the pack eagerly set off.

Despite local knowledge, most of the hashers - three of them - got lost at the first check only saved by Dumbledore's (Boilers) late arrival. We then ran or walked up the Pokfulam trail, found a shiggy path to the right where we caught up with Severus Snape (Macau Drunk) who had run on without calling... (wearing his Cloak of Invisibility surely) onto another check, through more shiggy until we emerged on the HK Trail 2, and along that for a little while until we got to Pokfulam Reservoir Rd going up to the Peak.

All convinced it was going to end on the Peak (well Severus was), we followed thinking he knew what he was doing. When we got to the Peak Galleria someone mentioned that it was meant to end in PokFulam (they could have mentioned this earlier)... So we all all turned around and traipsed back down the road - a lot faster than going up.

At the HK Trail/Pokfulam Family Walk turnoff there was the last white bag, so right we went. Great trail running now until we turned left down some old steps into more shiggy and down towards the Queen Mary. A bit of blaspheming from Dumbledore who was actively opening his forehead, unlike the short@rse runner in front, Hermoine (aka Miss Know it All FFFM), who was sliding down the hill in front of him. A last dash right on the trail above Pokfulam Rd and on in to the Pokfulam Playground.

From what I can remember:

Macau Drunk, impersonating Severus Snape - even Rowena's daughter thinks he looks like him.

Piss Perfect, still trying to find out the latest gossip.

Shut the F*ck Up, last run with LSW. He goes back to USA where he's going to annoy the 3 local hashes in Minneapolis

STFU impersonating Harry Potter with his glasses on, trying to make out he's more intelligent but slightly less strong and silent than the original Potter.

Sweaty - environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable bag man, issuing plastic bags to everyone before the run.

Sweaty - informing all that he would be going back along the path the next day to remove plastic bags (which he had no intention of doing because the same markings were going to be used for the gay hash on Thursday that Sweaty had volunteered to set).

There were more, but the piece of paper has gone AWOL…. FFFM