Boilers Birthday Bash Run (co-hared by Rearender)

It was jolly warm.

From the benches outside the Cricket Club we went up the Shell station steps and a check took us along the start of Sir Cecil’s Ride.

A checkback took us up, up, up the shiggy to a check on the next trail.

On-on to the right with Sweaty walking back into the pack muttering that is was sure to be a checkback. And so it was.

Up the steps to the reservoir then onto the Wilson trail I think... (there has been a Free China Hash in the interim so it is open to reinterpretation).

HK Trail etage cinque to the quarry.

A check had those with a sense of direction going left. Indy was able to catch up later.

Local knowledge saw the FRBs turn right off the catchwater and go down the steps above the quarry onto Mt. Butler Road. Alex continued on along the catchwater to the check back.

Down Mt. Butler Rd. and again the clever money nipped off the trail to go left onto Sir Cecil’s. Indy caught up later.

We Sir Cecil’d to Tai Hang to go down past the French International School and left along Tai Hang Rd. The markings went left into upper Blue Pool Rd. past the Japanese School and on home via the tennis club. Someone went right down Blue Pool and was heading for Happy Valley. Indy didn’t catch up after that one.

All 25 of us snuck into the pool for a welcome swim then on-on at the verandah restaurant for a very civilized bash. Boilers’ membership should be safe.

DD’s by Indy….

To repeat the famous/infamous/controversial words from last week’s newsletter…… Brevity is the soul of wit….hmmm ……not this wit!

Boilers…..the liberating age of being just over 50,,,when you can act as you want and say what you want because you realise …… what the hell!

When one 50 year old drinks….all 50 year olds drink……out of the mothballs comes ‘surprisingly’, Dick the Shit, Frank the Plank, Bite and Suck, Blondi,… and er… Indy!

The hares - Boilers /Rearender….. excellent run, excellent venue for the On On!

Dick the Shit - shame that other obnoxious hashers (HKH3, KH3) have spoilt it for the group of LSW members…… not willingly allowed to use the pool as previous non PC hashers from lesser hashers have set bad examples…..

FFFM (in absentia) - Yes…. We all read the 2 DD’s list from last week that were circulated…. FFFM Dummy spitting as Boilers took editorial rights to cull her write-up……. so she then sent out the unabridged version to ‘put the record straight’….

FFFM (in absentia) - then feeling guilt over dummy spitting to Boilers so produces a bottle of the finest red to give him (apparently 10 years old!… the bottle not she!) as a birthday pressie!

FFFM (in Absentia) - having stated publicly that she would never do the DD’s again, then pissed off before the DD’s making her point even more deliberate….

The Bastard – (btw a pleasure to have him back)… but back to old tricks…. at the top of the long shiggy uphill does not follow trail markings to the right, but turns left (correctly!) on instinct……. never calls….. never to be seen again, until the bins….. ’Where was everybody?’ he inquires?

Sweaty - marginally better…… only marginally!…. Same top of shiggy path….. turns right on markings, but is sure the real path is to the left, so runs at a Snailgobbler pace so everyone trips over him…… and says…. ’It’s going to be a checkback!’

Winnebago - taking advantage of Indy’s well-known policy???? of ‘courtesy to other hashers on the run!’….. Indy runs off the path to pass another hasher….. new-boy Alex, who then steps aside knowing Indy is passing and Winnie just slips into the gap and breezes through!

Alex/Chatroom - Alex unknowingly following in Chatroom’s metaphorical steps…. talking all the time on the run….. must be an American thing?

Rizman/Rizwan - new hash family…… Rizman’s first LSW run….. similar look as coz Rixwan but not as …..! (PP fill in the gaps!)

Rizman - no hash virgin but intimidated by LSW run…… halfway up first shiggy hill wants to turn back…..

Bite and Suck - fortunately she was there to coax him up that threatening shiggy….. not sure what reward she was coaxing him with….

Piscilla - a little delicately placed criticism can do wonders!!…… realises that fatherhood is not an excuse for being a wimp…… so good to see he is back to charging down trails…..

Salesman - An advocate of Political Correctness…… on LSW’s behalf! Thrust in the middle of the NNTH3’s barrage of criticism towards LSW for failing to turn up to the ‘mismanaged joint run’….. sends out an email defending LSW…… You are welcome every time….!!!

Bondi/Samdim - Beauty is over-rated….. at end of run Samdim is seen holding up a mirror for Bondi so he can ….pluck his eyebrows…..????

Rizman - sees this going on and comments to the assembled multitude…. ’He’s living in hope….???’

Sweaty - has just returned from his sister’s wedding in Spain…..decadence galore (more than La Terrasse offers!)…. waiters spinning plates then laying them down without breaking/ ambience/ 150 guests/ Cadillac's/ then fireworks!…..then…

Strap-on-Sally - another one in absentia leaving at 10pm…… says to Indy ‘New job, great people, great place to work, but too much work for me! Am used to being a Tai-Tai !’

Chatroom. P - full time carer….. At WH3 run spent hours producing a flame for the BBQ.... 60 at the run, 6 for the BBQ, but well done for painstaking efforts...

Rowena’s daughter - seated between Chatroom Paedophile and Piscilla, can’t eat her sausage……….

Alex - happy to take advantage of the opportunity to have a bit more sausage, and then asks others if they want his sausage…. figure it out!

Frank the Plank - sex driven…. says to Indy…..’Any sex yesterday?’ Answers ‘No’….’Well don’t mind there’s always the weekend to look forward to!’…. then espouses the virtues of ….. ’Just let the juices flow! You can’t stop Nature…..’…. Hmmmm…. What does he do in Pattaya?

Anal Comer - seen last week in Lamma carrying a 4 poster bed down High St….. ESF not paying so well?

Macau Drunk - saw AC with the 4 poster but no help offered….

Dofan - now opening up new enterprise… wants dog to be/look sick so can look after sick people….. the dog, not her…..

Dick the Shit - thinks he is pregnant…. why else would he have a stomach like his?…. needs to give something up…..

Hicky Slut - getting prepared for visit to Denmark….. Dr Evil is getting his house ready for her arrival…. so can combine photography with his pleasures….check the web-site piccies….

Salesman - has had enough of Dofan having no respect for him at the office and at the has…. ’Indy , need to get rid of these upstarts! Give her the hugest DD’….

Salesman - vindictive bastard,….. when not being PC for LSW

Alex - speaking of LSW,….. Indy says on trail pointing to trail markings…. ’And what do these markings mean?’…. (as in where are we going now?)…. To which he replies….. LSW means Little Sai Wan Hash

And there you go….

Is Brevity is the soul of Wit!



Next Run 1581 Wednesday 18 July

Park Island (Ma Wan)

Central Ferry Pier 2

Catch the 6:30 ferry.

There is a 6:10 before that and a 6:50 if you are running late and want to catch the pack up.

Journey 25 minutes

Return every half hour after 8pm

Ferries also go from Tsuen Wan

Hare - Motormouth with guest appearance by Nose Vibrator