LSW No.1579 report - Discovery Bay

OK, its cool to give the Yanks a chance once a year on 4 July to show how independent and grown up they are, so we (ie Brits and other assorted colonials) thought we should let Chatroom set the hash, on one condition namely that Chatroom should have a Dr Who style personal assistant in Winniebago who is also celebrating 10 years of independence from the Brits.

By all accounts (your scribe was in UK escaping the twin independence "celebrations") the run was well attended and, it must be grudgingly admitted (with plenty gnashing of teeth), rather a good one.

From the photographic virtual tour provided by Winniebago to selected hashers the run staretd in DB Plaza and.....err......finished in DB Plaza. In between the pack were led to Seabee Lane, then up to the Triangulation Point. And.... yes! back to DB Plaza. Well done hares.

For some reason, due no doubt to Indie's exhaustion on and off the running track, and perhaps to Sweaty being peeved that he too was not celebrating independence from the dastardly English, FFM did the down-downs. She tells me by e-mail that they were very witty and generally well received. I will not however paste them into the hash news as they are rather long and would rapidly tire even the most avid reader. Brevity being the soul of wit, and all that, here is the edited version:

Hares Chatroom and Winniebago

All Americans: Chartroom, Old Sock, Jamie, Alex - who all sung the national anthem (composed by Jimmie Hendrix)

Indy: horizontal jogging

Strap-on Sally: administering first aid to the blokes

Rearender: happy as without the annoying Boilers this week

DB residents: too many of them and breeding like flies

Hares : Budweiser beer!!

Motormouth: sundry offences

Bite and Suck: reached 50 yrs

Bordello Butt: local knowledge

Bondi Barbi: stirring up a hornet's nest

SAMDIM: too fast for the horny hornets

Salesman: ambassador from the Shek Kong Hash

Virgins and Returnees & Visitors: Alex, Nori, Salesman, Jamie, Mixue, Neon, Choco Fish, Butt Fan,

Indie 125 runs (blimey is that all?)

Michel: didn't get lost

Quiche: parenting advice to Rearender, based on a wealth of experience....

Brazilian: fine weather runner

Macau Drunk and Barbie: in Big Mac heaven

Legoland, Indy and Choco Fish: short cuttings

Bordello Butt: offerring to shower with the ladies

Butt Fan: canine fantasies

Moaning Bitch and Quiche:


Next Run 1580 - Wednesday 11 July

Boiler's Birthday Bash Pool Party

Hong Kong Cricket Club - Wong Nei Chung Gap Rd

Bus 6 or 66 Bus from Exchange Square in Central takes about half an hour.

63 or 41A from North Point.

Get off at the Cricket Club/Shell Station stop at the top of Wong Nai Chung Gap.

Start at 7 pm.

1 hour a-a run followed by poolside on-on.

Bring swimmers

Hares Shergar (9162-1428) & Rearender (6484-4203)