Run 1576 - Wednesday 13th June, 7pm

Deep Water Bay

The clouds loomed ominously. It had been raining all day. The valiant hashers gathered in the VRC ready to do battle with the elements and a semi-liquid trail.

Fithy Festering Felchmonster returned looking fresh as a daisy. She'd just finished re-marking the run with the help of a few impromptu co-hare standins. Anal Comer and Winnibago were out that moment marking the further reaches of the trail.

It was a rather scattered start. Sweaty doesn't like to be kept back so he was off running up the beach with Park n Shop in close pursuit. Go, go Park n Shop! Others slowly filtered out of the VRC gaining courage with every step.

There were a few half hearted checks thrown in along the beach as if for amusement. At the end of the beach by the BBQ pit the hearty hashers gave a cheery shout of "On On" and were off down Seaview promenade. Sweaty, by this time, was some way out in front. A pleasant section with not much in the way of opportunities for devious or underhanded checks by the unscrupulous hare.

Our dauntless chums raced on and on to Repulse Bay, along Beach Road and up at the end of the bay. A swing away from the sea took them up South Bay Road until they hit a dead end and a dark and foreboding jungle ahead.

Steadfastly they dragged their weary feet up an almost vertical mud face with only creepers and thorns for company. At the top they burst out onto a paved tract and an open check.

Left and onward and upwards but this time the indomitable heroes were on paved stairs. On on until a crossroads with another open check. Left marked the way.

Our plucky bunch were on the flat now. Skirting the contours around the edge of Tai Tam Park on the Tsz Lo Lan Shan Path. Mud, mud lots of mud. Waterfalls and puddles next to drops of unexpected and vertiginous abruptness. Steep drops on the left eventually gave way to bushes and, on the right, a culvert of varying depths.

Then the Rambo wimp split which consisted of walking along a high wall as opposed to down a flight of stairs. So the Rambo's was actually shorter than the Wimps. Again the scurrilous nature of the hare is revealed. Along the culvert again, past Celestial Garden and out at Tai Tam Reservoir Road.

The gallant crew rejoiced at the sight of the downward slope. Down Deep Water Bay Road. Left at Kai Villas and down the road to the golf course finally coming out at the VRC where cold beer and wine awaited.

Delicious pizza and barbequed flesh of pig for supper. Washed down with Shergar's Champers.


Down downs presented by Sweaty Snailgobbler

Not Important. Apparently his better half calls him Not Necessary.

Shergar. Ordering poncy pink champagne just to suck up to the hare.

Hare. Suggesting to Shergar that perhaps they might keep the champers to share between themselves.

Bite and Suck. For impersonating an Aussie drill sergeant all in the cause of collecting hash cash.

Parky and ParknShop. For doing the run backwards. No No!

The hare. For having to remark the trail because of crap weather.

Winnibago and Anal Comer. For marking the run. That'll show you.

Castrato. For getting bitten by a snake. Steve Irwin strikes back!

MotorMouth. Any port in a storm. Unfortunately her last port was Sweaty's restaurant.

Lost in Space. Delighted that that he finished ahead of Winnibago. No matter that she was injured and walked the run.

Sam Dim. Threw her mobile out in the trash.

Shergar. Threw his mobile into a cup of coffee.

Gin & Vomit & Strapon Sally. Lost in Shouson Hill.

Wanchai Wanker. Lost on the golf course.

Shergar. For his excellent performace last year as Mr Wanchai Pacific.

Macau Drunk. For negligently not including Dim Sum on the hash list even though she claims to have done eight runs.

Randy Von Focker, Parky, Park n Shop, Heidy Ho, Shergar. For making it rain on us. Shame.



Next run 1577 Wednesday 20th June, 7pm

A to B starting at the sitting out area in Wong Nai Chung Gap just above the Shell Station.

Bus 6 or 66 Bus from Exchange Square in Central takes about half an hour.

63 or 41A from North Point.

Get off at the Cricket Club/Shell Station stop at the top of Wong Nai Chung Gap and follow the chalk up the steps.

Bring swimmers and a towel!

Hares Castrato 6140-0334 and Barbie.


Sek Kong Hash House Harriers 1500th Run

Sunday, 1st July 2007 at Ho Sheung Heung Community Sports Centre, 4pm. You are very welcome to come along and help us celebrate this landmark. Attached is a flyer with a map - the venue is in the far north about half way between Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau, a large, grassy place with access to the borderlands. There's plenty of parking.

There'll be two runs (with one or two surprises), loads to drink (Carlsberg on tap plus loads of softies and water), food aplenty, the patented Fartypants sound system, the first SKH3 teeshirt in a year, a souvenir booklet with loads of history and of course an evil circle managed by GM Victim, with Rocky as disciplinarian.

Hash cash is $150 for men, $130 for women, half price for under-18s and free for under-13s and dogs.

The Community Sports Centre facilities (showers, toilets etc) are ours to use until the staff pack up and go home (early evening), after which we can use the somewhat more Spartan facilities of the rugby club. Either way, we're covered if it rains.

The following day is a holiday. Camping is an option for those that want to sleep over. The charge is $45, payable to the sports centre. Bring your own gear.

On on

Golden Balls, GM2

Tel: 26189622

Fax: 26189629