LSW Run Report - Wednesday 23 May 2007

Boilers' much publisized Mystery 'Not Lamma' Island Tour on his Floating Pleasure Palace attracted a good turnout of old, new and in between hashers....having it on the eve of Buddha's birthday was perfect timing! It even pulled long absentee Gunpowder Plod from the depths of the SaiKung mountains....!

After departing at exactly 1900 hours from the new Public Pier no. 9...and re-departing at 19:07 due to a false alarm 'fetch back', off we sailed to the shores of Cheung Chau...again a pleasant coincidence of the eve of the Bun Festival. The hares briefed us all amidst the celebratory noise in the background of the busy 'town'....'only one run - no wimps'.

The pack went to a clockwise perimeter run of the island with lots of clever checks and T's to keep us all together for most of the village, beach, steps, pagoda and flat trails. FFM had a scare of a cut on her upper forehead,,,,with blood trickling down her hands and she deemed it best to go back to assess the damage.

On to a slopy uphill road...up, up, up....where a CB on the top led us all to thousands of steps down to sea level which only means another thousand to climb up the pagoda where Bondi Barbie was slowly melting to the extreme humidity on this festive night.

From then on....downhill towards the evening's highlights.....the actual Bun Towers where Boilers, Parky and Vittel were patiently awaiting the runners...making sure they can be navigated properly through the crowds of onlookers......then it was through more villages, another beach......a few more houses and back to the Love Boat where we had much appreciated onboard showers!

Down Downs awarded by Indy at the Top Deck (My apologies for missing on most of it - forgot to bring my own paper/pen and have to rely on Indy's teacher style handwriting and my memory).

Quiche - acting as Captain - making sure boat leaves at 19:05 - take no prisoners

Boilers/Rearender - hares, setting a good run with great logistics - boat, on board curry, etc.

Boilers - could not stand the heat while setting the run and let Rearender do all the work

Karen - going on a sightseeing tour thus delaying the boat's departure

Boilers - could not care about Karen - was about to leave without her

Lily - suffering from extreme motion sickness - needed lullabies and Liverpool songs to soothe her


Filthy Festhering Felch Monster - needing sympathy for her wound

Bondi - offering the sympathy

Rizwan - having a Brazilian, complaining how much it hurts

Wanchai Wanker/Piss Perfect - lunch rendezvous

Randy Von Fokker - surprised to find someone in China with the same name 'Randy', now wants to find same surname

Strap on Sally - New GM of LSW (the new name of WH3) and encourages porn material from a particular website

Brazilian Buttslap - new scribe of LSW (nee WH3) - toiled for 3 hours to do the first trash issue

Piss Perfect - has Indy's number on his call list even if it's 3 months ago - obviously not enough friends

Bondi Barbie - used the shower cap to administer first aid to FFFM

BB - did not tell he has groin injury

Gunpowder Plod - lovely to have him in LSW as he usually hates the stupid idea of running in the dark

Parky - spent his time looking for talent (ladies) on the isalnd while nursing his knee injury

Wanchai Wanker - pushed FFFM on the run hence she got wounded

Wanchai Wanker - Indy is so sad... he is leaving her flat after spending 3 pleasure months in it

Priscilla - still can't get enough of Four Peaks race - revived memories when he saw the islands

Duncan/Joy - Best friends of Boilers

Winnibago - racing on the hash

Sweaty Snailgobbler - always winning on the hash

Dr. Evil - attempting to win on the hash (trying to overtake Sweaty to no avail)

Castrato - being so quiet, missing his mate Macau Drunk

Barbie - missing Macau Drunk, failed to convince him the run is not in Lamma

Next run 1574 - Wednesday 30th May 2007

Greig Rd. Park, Tai Koo MTR Exit B, follow chalk to start

Time: 6:45pm for 7 pm start please

Run: A to B (Virgin trails - promise!)

On-on: Western

Hares Dr. Evil 9507-4494 and Brazilian Buttslap 9128-5508