LSW report Wednesday 16 May 2007 North Point

Jolly little run this one, starting from North Point MTR and set by Anal Comer. "Cometh the hour, cometh the man" as they say.... 30 or so hashers attended, swelled by the returning 'terrible trio' of Butt Fan, Hormome Tester and Lora.

From the MTR the trail wandered up to Braemar Hill and up a gentle stream bed. From thence round the Sattelite facilities and down a shiggy path to a long run in back to B which was the Tin Hau Temple, where the pack cooled off in the water fountain.

The On-On was a Dai Pai Dong sort of place in the backsteets of Tin Hau where Hot Pot was served. Rather good it was too, if you ignored the advice of the amateur 'expert' chefs (of whom there were many on each table). Down-downs awarded by Sweaty, and to be provided to Macau Drunk shortly when the notes can be located by your scribe (with apologies)

This week's run 1573 - Wednesday 23rd May 2007

Junk trip to an island (not Lamma)

Place: assemble at Pier No 9 Central (next to the new Star Ferry Pier)

Time: 7 pm sharp please

Vessel: Boiler's floating pleasure palace

On-on: TBC, then back to Wanchai for further festivities (its a holiday the next day so no excuses for going home early)

Hares Boilers (9162-1428) and Rearender (6484-4203)