LSW 1571 Sai Kung

Hares: Pissperfect & Gunpowder Plod

We haven’t had a Sai Kung village start since the Scrimgeour and Posford runs in the late 90’s. It still takes just over an hour to get there but people don’t get out as early as they did, so a 7:30 kick off it was. From Steamers it was across Fuk Man (phnarr phnarr) Road past the stadium on Wai Man Road and doubling back onto the waterfront then a bit/lot of milling around before going across Tai Mong Tsai Road and the check that took us towards the hills of Ma On Shan Country Park. Up through the last houses on Chuk Yeung Road and to the Wimps Rambos split that had the Rambos going right towards stage 3 of the Maclehose and the Wimps continuing left along Chuk Yeung Road on stage 4.

The Wimps followed the Maclehose trail till meeting up with rambos trail at the Nam Shan Village turn off.

The Rambos meanwhile continued round the hill with the trail dropping down to a checkback to go back up the hill to another check that was only solved when Sweaty stepped off the chalk marking saying ‘CB’. Up to an abandoned village Wong Chuk Yeung at the end of Chuk Yeung Road. According to Gunpowder, the concrete paths in the middle of nowhere are the remnants of a former farming community dating back to the 50's and 60's. When the British opened the gate to Commonwealth migrants a lot of the blokes moved to the UK to open Chinese restaurants etc.. and left their wives behind. There was no one left to work the farms so they were eventually abandoned with the paths being one of the few remaining signs of infrastructure.

The trail went back down to rejoin the Wimps on Maclehose stage 4 at the steps up to Ma On Shan. The check took us down through the long shiggy trail to Po Lo Che Road, down through Kak Han Tun village with one further shiggy down to Nam Shan Village and on home.

Showers in the stadium then On on at Steamers - $80 all in for the run and curry buffet with great big vats of Hoegarden for $28 – what more could you want.

Down downs by Hopeless read from his crackberry (that's ‘Chuck Berry’ for Indy)

Winniebago – the unmentionable climbing incident

Filthy – forgot to bring her socks so asked Hopeless for his

Bite’n’suck – was 2 hours early for the run so popped into the nearest beauty parlour to get some acryllic nails built.

Injuries – Hopeless (leg), Strap-on (arm), Motormouth (voice – dream on)

The hares - managed to set a wimps trail that had runners finish before Sweaty

Wanchai Wanker – "Will this be a flat run because I’m feeling rather delicate ?" Hares "Yes perfectly flat; it’ll be just to your liking"

Co-hare – rather flamboyant Sai Kung hash non-LSW markings

Winnie - spider wrestling on the trail – it was a draw

Motormouth - sat down for a for beer instead of doing the run, then decided to do a 10min walk to qualify as a runner, then on the beer again until the runners got back an hour and a half later

Indy & Filthy – lesbian choir in showers

Dick the Shit - wanted to do the Rambos, got lost, came back on Wimps and got lost again

Dick the Shit - claims it was his first wimps in 2 years

Lost In Space - Mexican run in Macau, had 8 tequila down downs and collapsed

Gunpowder – on a diet; rewarded with an large down-down

Tightlips - wearing her trousers back to front on the run; Indy for noticing

Returnees - The Smiths, Winniebago, Britney

Sugarboy - threw out his old hash t-shirts (everyone knows you’re meant to give them to the poor)

Castrato - explaining the new Starbucks mermaid logo, the one without the tits

Anydick’lldo – went to a beaver farm in the UK

Britney – new job, suit & haircut

Wanchai Wanker – re-awarded the hashit trophy for refusing his down down last week

Lost In Space - boring swot, extremely high marks in flight exams


Next run 1572 – Wednesday 16th May

North Point MTR - exit B1

Meet at the bottom of the steps on Shu Kuk Street.

6:50pm for a 7pm start.

Bring: torches, mossie spray

Wanchai Wanker should bring his new shoes!

On On - either Vietnamese or Thai

Hare - Anal Comer




Sai Kung monthly run No: 4

Saturday 19 May, 3:45 for 4:00

Hare: Piss Perfect

Start: Steamers Bar, Chan Man Street, Sai Kung