LSW 1567 Happy Valley

It was not only LSW hashers who were anxious to get 'Not Importants' run underway. Not living up to his hash name he has laid down his authority and demanded that the poor guards extend their working day so that trail could run up the little park below the Jockey Club HQ. Fortunately it wasn't a check back coz within threee milliseconds of the hash passing through, the gates are locked and the guards have made a sharp exit.!

Talking of sharp exits Any Dick Will Do storms her way up Bluepool road and onto Bowen road - where she is brought to a rapid halt! Was it a check, was it check-back, no it was a talk-balk as she just must stop and have a a quick blether with fellow top female athletes. Meanwhile Sweaty hits the checkback on Bowen, checks up Wong Nai Chung Gap Road finding zilch and is now on his own, ADWD decides time to start running again just as the on on is found going up towards Rosary Hill School and trail up to the empty Mt Nicholson Gap flats.

From here Blacks Link looks the odds on favourite, but after much faffing around, allowing Sweaty to catch Priscilla and SAMDIM find the trail flowing along the contour of Mt Nicholson and an exquisite shiggy section brings everybody out to the petrol station on WNC road with slightly fonder memories than the last time we exited from there on Bondi Barbies 'freefall' descent of Nicholson.

From here the rambos enjoyed a quick blaze along sir Cecils before looping back around to join the wimps. After pre-run warnings about keeping to the right, the on home is found again on Bluepool road, an excellent run of just over an hour with that sublime shiggy section ensuring that the majority were all happy.

On On was at the (posh) food court at the local market, disappointing those who preferred the grubbier tarpolin version that they frequented many years before

Down downs by Sweaty

Norbert - far too understanding. Asked the old biddy in the 7-11 for 12 Heinekin and she tottered off and brought back 24 San Miguel which he paid for instead of giving her a clip around the ear.

Nostradamus Bobbledick - during dinner the staff decided to drag a metal table and bench contraption around the restaurant. He predicted they would be back to drag it some more and lo, they were.

BRBs - Lost in Space & Winniebago for not marking any of the checks - "We don't carry chalk" – oh that’s alright then.

Quiche - late starter had to do all his own checks 'cos they were all unmarked

Not Important - wondered how one might ask for the bill in Cantonese as he doesn't normally pay.

Bobbledick - cutting edge technology has moved on to Windows XP from 3.1 but still couldn't watch Sweaty's YouTube video. He still has 300 critical update patches to run and it was suggested he just get the latest service pack which also checks for genuine Windows - "I don't think I'd better get that one then".

Macau Drunk – donated his electric frying pan to the dai pai dong so they could cook for him

Lost in Space - trying various lift-off tactics with Winabago - no problem; Gin & Vomit not enough boost

Castrato got a call from his wife at 6pm to bring some coriander home but explained he was going to the hash 'cos it was Wednesday. "Well you could've told me what day it was" was the response.

Any Dick'll Do - wore her running shoes for four days straight on the Japan Hell Kitty tour then put them in the overhead locker on the flight home. Bit of a stench on landing in HK but a couple of salarymen asked if her undies were in the same state.

Macau Drunk - was told a story of someone whose saddle broke off mountain biking and wondered whether the shaft went straight up the ringpiece.

The hares - instructed everyone to follow the markings on their right hand side regardless of what was marked on the left, to which ADWD asked if there was a slight communication breakdown with the hares each setting the run in the opposite direction.

Quiche - had remarkable success on the pull in Japan with his "this is my last week single as I'm getting married when I get back"

Bobbledick - trying out before and after theory on his knee by going on his last run to see how sore it was before having surgery next week.

Priscilla & Castrato - stand-ins for Hopeless by having tantrums after the run about what the difference between a check and check back was.

Deepti - first time runner - been here 8½ years

Frank the Plank - quitly singing Happy Birthday to himself saying everyday was his birthday.

Strapon Sally - left a bag of jellybeans on the bed in Japan which her roommate ADWL ate. Bought another big bag which she brought back to HK. Not Important found it and also ate the lot.

Anal Comer - Norbert is Irish

ADWD - tried explaining cvc's and declensions in Not Importants spelling of 'slipery'

Not Important - ¿que?

Quiche – beer connoisseur tried ordering Tsing Taos from the Budweiser beer pixie – that didn’t work.

Next Run 1568 – Wednesday 18th April, 7pm

Deep Water Bay

A to A

Hare - Sweaty Snail Gobbler

Torches essential


City Buses 6, 6A, 6X, 61 or 260 all departing from Exchange Square Bus Terminus in Central.

Get off in Deepwater Bay, next to the golf course.