LSW 1564 HK Squash Centre

Starting from an unseasonably cold squash centre about 20 hashers huddled desperate to be set off. The markings were unconventional half arrows, our Scottish hares trying to tell us that this is faster to mark than the normal LSW arrows - coincidently this saved them a whopping 94 cents in chalk!!!! Little wonder they had big cheesy grins all over their faces as we are set off up through HK park.

As the markings lead the pack across Kennedy Rd, Ruggero strays inadvertently on to the wimps trail and blazes off ahead as the Rambo's faff around. Eventually finding trail via some concealed steps on up to Bowen Road to descend back down to Kennedy Rd again. Up front justice is served on Wanchai Gap Road as a spelling mistake brings Ruggero crashing back down to earth (or in this case all the way back down to Bowen Road) 'thot about a checkback here' being read as 'what about a…….' Before Ruggero knows it he is back amongst the FRB's re-clambering back up the cruel incline of Wanchai gap Road cursing the hares. (actually he got his sense of humour back pretty quickly I thot!!!……about Midnight!!)

With rain starting trail directs us over towards Aberdeen reservoir and Lady Clamentis, where a nasty check forces us down into the water culvert, luckily there was no downpour and trail brings us eventually to Aberdeen country park and the second split.

As we cruise past check after check, all neatly numbered we are indeed fortunate in our ignorance, as the hares omitted to tell us that there would be EIGHTEEN of the bloody things with several check backs thrown in just for good measure.

After an hour and a half the first Rambo staggers back to Aberdeen promenade, with the rest of the pack close behind. A long but enjoyable run with even Hopeless sporting a grin at the end or was it because he was off to sunny Spain.

Down Downs by SSG:

The hares, lost each other constantly throughout the run - probably why they numbered the checks.

Returnee Samdim, mistaken for dimsum by Macau Drunk.

Strap On Sally showering with Bitter Lemon bottle, or was it Soda water or…….. Must be Waitrose's fault for mislabeling their bottles as she doesn't remember Soda in her vodka last night!!!

Talking of Strapons, Castrato is infatuated by Indy's latest additions, enquiring 'do you have any anywhere else?

Bondi Barbie is becoming a man of insignificance, as Strap on Sally doesn't notice him any longer!

Obviously becoming a man of more importance is Not Important having shaved his 'tache' in order to become more streamlined - He'd better take care that Strap on deosn't take the shaving further as she likes the 'Prince Edward' look reluctantly fashioned by SSG!

Samdim acting like mother Hen, hording all the Easter Eggs dished out by Bite and Suck

Macau Drunk for his checkback moment along with the hares and of course with English teachers like Bite and Suck and Indy it isn't any wonder that the spelling standards of LSW are plummeting……lets not get to the punctuation!!!!!! (Thot aboot pitting a 'whit' marc thir!)

Michael 21 tomorrow as Bite and Suck abandons her 'kids' in order to go on the Hell Kitty Japan tour…..Kids are appreciative of her progressive thinking.

Knee reconstruction, Bobbledick worried that the Dr's might cut the wrong leg!!!!!

Bondi Barbie confirmed on WH3 as a Ribena addict…….seems like Motormouth is another addictee as she clearly also sports the purple glow.

& Finally things are either desperate in Oz or the Bite and Suck Household........or was it for LSW that Rachel has put her name on her Pens (all her possessions??)


Next Run 1567 Wednesday 11th April, 7pm

Hare - Not Important

Happy Valley

A to A run

Bus No. 1 from Kennedy Town. Get off the bus at the stop after the Wellcome supermarket stop on Sing Woo Road (main street)

Start is in the Park Behind police station.

There will be flour from bus stop and police station.