LSW 1565 & 1566
7 - 8 April 2007
Malaga, Spain


Hash Cash & Big Bitch
Colin (Spy), Sue and Calum
Doug (older Spy) and Kath
Derek (Son of Paul), Katie (Nomad), Matthew and Jessica
Boilers (Shergar)
Marmalade Head (Marmalade Head), Kavitha (Bombay Wet Dream) and Meera
Hudson (Dan Dastardly)
Colin (Hash Horn), Denise (Dame Edna), Mark and Ian
Alan (Mensa), Jill (Shanghai) and Sandie
John (Pinky), Jackii, Joe and Jack
Ian (Hard Pressed), Cathy, Carmen, Arran and Clare
Tao (Hashzilla) and Colin
Parky, Park'n'Shop & Louise


Thursday 5th April

Welcome drinks at Casa McLeod

Friday 6th April

Ronda town visit


Casa McLeod, Hash Cash Birthday Bash

Saturday 7th April

Visit local "Stanley Market"


4pm LSW run 1565


Hares - Big Bitch and Hash Cash


Curry On On

Sunday 8th April

4pm Mijas Hash at Rio Real Playa, Marbella.


LSW run 1566. Easter Bonnets and kid’s Egg Hunt runs.


Beach BBQ On On in Reunion T-shirts and Chinese hats

Monday 9th April



Run 1565 Big Bitch and Hash Cash, Marbella, Spain

Hashers were gathered up by the Hash bus, with Tao causing confusion in the attempts to take over as "Bus Monitor" from Hash Horn. Despite Tao’s failed "coup", the bus collected the residents of Hotel McLeod to take us to a run site down the road by a scenic lake, complete with ducks, with Hash Cash supplying bread for the kids to feed them later.

A bash through the undergrowth (once the Mijas Hashers turned up) took the pack through a tunnel and a four way check. Hopeless sped up the hillside to a "T" while Dan Dastardly forged ahead with a loud "ON ON" to the hillside. An excellent series of (we are told 15) checks took us around the hills above Casa McLeod, with superb views down into the local reservoir. At the top of the hill Boilers, Marmalade Head, Mensa, Doug the Spy, and Hopeless forged ahead to where the Walkers came out on a shortcut. Boilers steamed off down the hill, scaring the living daylights out of Sandie Grant as he moved like a gazelle along the uneven path.

The final check did him in as Hopeless and Marmalade Head sped for home via a sneaky check back prior to the "On Home". The Walkers came in from a good wander, with a minor "panic" by Nomad as to the whereabouts of the injured Son of Paul who had shortcutted the shortcut! An excellent run with the pack being kept together over an almost exclusively "off road" Hash route.

Down Downs awarded by Hopeless, aided by Hashzilla.

The Hares – Big Bitch (BB) and Hash Cash – well laid scenic run.

Doug - Dysan vacuum

Shergar & Hudson - room check in, taking rooms in the name of Hopeless and McLeod.

Old spies – Doug & Colin Jones

Forbes’ – disobeying BB instructions and stuffing up the way to the car hire

Marmalade Head – arriving at the wrong terminal.

First lady back – from Mijas Hash.

Park'n'Shop – accusing (falsely) Mijas hasher of "cheating".

Hopeless – unable to pronounce "Mijas" correctly.

Marmalade Head – sick on the bus to Ronda

Boilers freezing in Ronda in his flip-flops

Hudson being typical Yankee tourist

Tao buying poncho to keep warm

"Matadors dress to the left" – Hash Horn

Ian Etheridge fainting at Casa McLeod, parents allowing too much PS2 on the bus.

Son of Paul – own son dropped both Nintendo and "Quiz" electronic games and broke them in the same day.

Couldn’t get his leg over by the Matador statue, "its been a long time" – Colin the Spy

Lemon tree spat - BB

Mensa - sardines on toast lunches, food connoisseur – Sardine Down-Down.

Parky - no mussel paella, individual portion

The resident Mijas Hashers.


Run 1566 Joint Run with the Mijas Hash, Marbella, Spain

We had been warned to bring a torch and change of clothes as we were going to get wet. One of the hares, "Flakey" has some fetish for tunnels and culverts, so we were in for some dark places by all accounts. And the Mijas Hash runs come in two parts with a compulsory "Beer Stop" around half way through. All new potential experiences for LSWH3 runners in a daylight run. And so it turned out!

The run started in a car park by a beach, and so the first part of the run went a fair way down that beach. Then we cut into (literally) tough and spiky Gorse bush which ripped everything and everyone it touched. Cutting up valleys we finally started our "Tunnel Rat" experience. Once such tunnel being decorated by the presence of a dead horse in front of it as an alternate hazard. We finally scrambled under some wired into a dark tunnel to find the "ON IN" into the Beer Stop.

The BS was complimented by chocolate flakes and mini eggs for Easter, giving the Hash a sweet experience, the same as the kids who were off on their own Easter Egg Hunt down on the beach. What followed after the Beer Stop was not the "15 minute downhill run" that was rumored at the stop.

A run through dark and deep tunnels with A LOT of water, knee deep, criss-crossing the steam, and a good 30 minutes saw a group of very wet and exhausted runners finish back at "A" with Hopeless being the first hasher back, leading in three Mijas hashers and then Marmalade Head. The Mijas Hash has another different tradition which is to "mark" the run during the circle, with numbers ranging from 2 to 8 amongst the small selection of runners asked. An artificially high "average" of "7" seemed a little generous!

Down Downs awarded by Hopeless, in the middle of Mijas Hash’s "circle"..

Parky – trying to order a "M" size T-shirt for himself when he is plainly an XXL size, even in Europe.

ATM card swallowed by ATM as forgot the PIN (was using the wife’s card, not his own!) – Pinky Comer.

Doug - iPod has selection and filing based on "activities" (e.g. vacuuming with his Dysan, dusting, etc).

Kid’s "Naming Committee" (i.e. all the kids got together to tell us what they nominated amongst themselves for hash nick names!). And they were :

Sandie Grant (Little Bitch); Ian Etheridge (Forest Bear); Matthew Forbes (Destroyer); Jessica Forbes (Little Fighter); Carmen Muir (Mountain Lion); Arran Muir (Annoyingly Opposite); Claire Muir (Lemon Shaker); Calum Jones (Speeder); Jack Comer (Annoyingness); Joe Comer (Hash Crash); Meera Shreedar (CruzCampo [local beer]).

Dan Dastardly – frightened by Louise Parkinson groping his butt.

Son of Paul & Nomad – yes/no changing of minds on coming to the tour.

Shergar – managing to leave Flo behind because "an issue with her visa" – to get a solo tour!

The Comers – "Smash & Grab" son who broke the window of one of the cars parked on the beach.

Old/original LSW’ers (spies) – Colin & Doug.

Hopeless presented two LSWH3 running vests to the Hares of the day, and passed back to their "Religious Advisor" (Flakey) to finish the circle.

The ON ON was back to "Funny Beach" where the kids had ended up on the Egg Hunt, for a beach BBQ restaurant and cheap/nasty red wine and greasy meat. The temperature and time dropped away so back onto the Hash Bus to drop at Hotel Pyr for the hash tourers to split up into a number of groups, one of which ended up in "The Den" near Casa McLeod to enjoy the English losing (again) to Australia in the cricket and see the end of the Masters golf.

The photos