LSW 1563 – Chai Wan

Hares - Barbie & Macau Drunk

By 6.45pm only a few hashers had made it to the start – not difficult to get to but many regulars are not able to leave work as early as their predecessors especially the ones that used to work for local government and MTRC/KCRC. Anyway enough of the ramblings and on with the run which eventually started after Boilers received special delivery of something to wear.

The start was at Chai Wan Park then up to the top of Chai Wan Rd toward Shau Kei Wan. On up lots of steps slowed the pack of about 25 down to an immediate crawl before the first check and from memory onto the Rambo/Wimps split. For the Rambos it all went downhill before a long climb back up the main drag until a couple of checkbacks led up into some shiggy through Lei Yue Mun Park. The pack then had a long hard slog to the top of Chai Wan Au then down onto the hacking trail and round the reservoir where several more cunning checkbacks only left a way out along a side path and down some tricky terrain. This led to a 3 way check where the FRB’s managed to mark out all the options and confuse the hell out of the following hashers.

At some point the Rambos were meant to stumble into the Wimps but they were not to be seen (as they were so far behind) – maybe it was the thought of having to do some checks that held them back. The hard work done the pack headed down a very steep path, coming out behind the MTR depot in Hang Fa Chuen, along some construction works and then out onto the main highways with a couple of twists and turn but flat and fast back along Shun Tai road to the finish. The FRB’s made it back in well under the hour with the remaining pack coming home around the hour mark just missing Bobbledick’s arrival as a non runner. On On to a Sushi Restaurant.

The DD’s by Indy went something like this:

Fanny Sniffer – back in HK in time for Rugby 7’s - did not know it was ON

Boilers – for not being culturally sensitive and abusing those going to Japan on the Hello Kitty tour (or is it Hell’s Kitty??)

Hopeless – Recalling Sunday’s WH3 run "there I was on Sunday, having a shower with that young boy…."

Dr Evil & Brazilian Butslap – for going to cinema before the hash and arriving late

Dr Evil – for being blind and running though T’s

Tight Lips – stepped out of office to hash

Louise - hash naming – she will now be known to us forever on as "Every Time I Come" – she thought Thermal Dick was a regular HK hasher (he lives in UK) as even though she’s only done 5 runs she said he was at the hash "every time I come"

Every Time I Come – For looking like Barbra Streisand – but improved version. (according to Thermal Dick)

Thermal Dick – how can he think "Every time I come" looks like Barbra Streisand when she (the real BS) is over 60 years old ? – some 30 years older than ETIC !!

Winnie – Back in form.

Dr Evil - Practicing dressing for "Mr Wanchai Pacific" in the girls toilets

Bobbledick – Wine test drinking (free again)

Sweaty – last weekend – something about being worse than doing a marathon (ooops...can't read Indy's hand writing)

Rachael (Bite & Suck’s daughter) and Michael – just engaged!! Congratulations!

Bite and Suck – for leaving Rachael’s e-mail info on Indy’s computer and being unable to remove it - Indy now knows get called up all the time about wedding arrangements…

Michael (the married one this time) - Hash Naming, he shall now be know as "Piss Perfect" after calling his wife last week to say he was just leaving for home then immediately ordering a beer (one of the gang now)

Wanchai Wanker – asking Indy (flatmate) if she didn’t mind if he walked around the flat in his Y fronts...(she didn't seem to?)

Hopeless – more (!!) tales about young girls wanted & old tarts in (& young boys?)

Thermal Dick – winging on and on about being given food he didn't order and didn't like…. but eventually ate it

Bite & Suck – Good Behavior – not screaming "give me hash cash" because her daughter was present

Barbie – Getting lost on the way to the restaurant

Macau Drunk – e-mailing about Rugby 7’s tickets...

Next Run 1564 – Wednesday 4th April, 7pm

Cotton Tree Drive, Central – Meet outside the HK Squash Centre opposite the Peak Tram Station

A to B run.

Bring Torches.

ONON Indian.

Hares – Thermal Dick & Tight Lips (tel 6222 6402)


Sunset on the Empire Hash + 10

From Caligula:

Not sure if anyone has realised but 2007 is 10 years after HK returned to China. Just prior to this historic event taking place so did another - Sunset on the Empire Hash - with around 1500 people coming to the territory to run, bash & party.

The idea was posed to me last year as to whether HK would be organising a follow-up event to mark the 10th anniversary. Since then i have also been asked by Bimbo of Asia Pacific Harrier if anything is going to happen, who himself is being asked by other hashers from around the globe.

While i was initially busy with work and other events last year, things have now quietened down a bit and i have some time to see what the general consensus is.

We are obviously too late to get anything in place for 10 years from the date of the original event (end Apr / early May 1997) but that period is busy with AGM's as well as the Free China tour to Japan in April, Southside 1750 run late April / early May and Sek Kong 1500 run on the HK National Day weekend in July. Then we are into the hot, sticky Summer months so the best time would likely be October / November.

There are some other events taking place around that time eg... 28 Sep to 01 Oct - South Asian Interhash / 26 to 28 Oct - 9th Indochina Mekong... but we should be able to pick a date that suits. There is a HK public holiday on Friday 19 October, HK half-term is typically 15-18 October, UK half-term is typically 22-26 October.

Of course i would not expect the event to be on the same scale as 10 years back, but something similar to a Nash Hash. In fact it was at the last Nash Hash that the original idea for a Sunset + 10 event was first mooted, though fell silently dormant thereafter.

Having spoken to a few people all have expressed interest in helping out should such an event take place, but we will need a core group to get various parts of the arrangements followed through and this is why i am writing to you. Would you be interested in getting involved? and / or Do you know anyone else who would be worthwhile asking / interested? Email Caligula