LSW 1562 – Sok Wu Wan A to B

Hare - Castrato, Sidekick – Barbie

A group of about 25 runners got the 6:45 to Sok Wu Wan including several who were rescued from getting on the 6:40 to Yung Shue Wan.

In Sok Wu Wan we were told that the Wimps run had been cancelled to which there was a faint muttering that "we hope you mean it was the Rambos that was cancelled". Off we went down the main road through the seafood restaurants to the temple. A check took half the pack all the way up to the saddle below Mt. Stenhouse where there was a T. The rest meanwhile did the false trail at the bridge then went over the bridge to the check at the school then went up past the garden with dangling CDs to scare the birds towards the Lo So Shing turn off.

On on along the main trail to Yung Shue Wan until a check back took us down past the pagoda into the quarry. Local knowledge Boilers quietly ran off saying there was only one route through the quarry and the rest picked up the trail to eventually come out on the path towards the Youth Hostel. Round the columbarium hill we went along Snake Path to a T which took us back to a trail down to Hung Shing Ye beach. A straight forward run past the Concerto Inn, police station across both electric roads following the main road into Yung Shue Wan. The front runners and short cutters helped carry the bags from the finish at the ferry pier to the sitting out area in front of the Island bar.

All were back in an hour and twenty, and we moved next door to the Sampan for the on on which included a quart of Asahi Superdry each.

The down downs by Sweaty Snailgobbler:

Castrato the hare, no beer at B, but good run.

Park’n’Shop breaking her leg on last Castrato run, does Parky look after her - does he hell as he shows that he is still capable of being a FRB and an amazing finish line 'blur' in front of the island bar!

Brazilian Buttslap, scared by rumours leaking out of the Wanchai hash that she might be next GM! We all know that she has a much bigger task taking care of Dr Evil, who mislaid his expensive Gore-Tex jacket at last WH3 run.

First it was Boilers mistaking him for Nigel, now Bite and Suck joins the act as she concludes that Anal Comer must be Pesticide and that everybody is back OK from the run!

The injury list of LSW, Hopeless 'ankle', Winnebago 'toe' and Anal Comer ‘dodgy knee’, Indyanus ‘arse’.

Googling his way to the Castrato challenge, Chatroom Paedophile finally can access some cultural knowledge!!

Castrato Challenge, where FRB's Sweaty and Not Important completely forgot to collect the clues at all the Checkbacks - truth is that they too busy swearing and are unable to read!! The answer was Wordsworth and the trophy (read new LSW hash shit) is awarded to Mr. Google himself, the culturally challenged Chatroom Paedophile

Macau Drunk, a week behind the times with the hash list.

Louise, missing LSW recently as she was training for the cross harbour borathon.

Riitta, flying Finn who thinks that the hash is all you can drink for $10, maybe in Finland it is!!

No escaping hash cash Bite and Suck, who can hear a ring-pull from 100m!!

Mistake by Sweaty, who actually was responsible for the stupid new hash cash price of $20

Wanchai Wanker, deposits a bottle of his finest cognac behind the bar at Sweaty's restaurant so that he can have the occasional one, no wait a minute make that two, no maybe three, well actually four ok then make that five double brandies!!!!

Indy for trusting the map drawing of a fellow hasher and champion orienteerer, so comes third instead of first at recent RIMM.

Lost in Space, flying into (or out of) So Ku Wan with all the luggage he brings to the hash.

Not Important, took off from Ma On Shan this morning.

Strap On Sally and Not Important, SOS sneezes during the night and NI legs it to the spare room!!!

New runner – Ota Takamara


Next Run 1563 – Wednesday 28 March, 7pm

Chai Wan

Chai Wan MTR Exit D - follow the chalk on the walkway for about 100m into Chai Wan Park on the left

A to A run

Hares – Barbie & Macau Drunk