LSW 1555 Wednesday 31st January 2007


LSW 1555 Bobbledick's Birthday Run

Hares - Bobbledick & Dr Evil

Write-up - Lost in Planet

The Yacht club! Heaven knows what they must have thought when they saw such a disreputable bunch stripping down in their car par. Dr Evil was there but then he's not a member. Bobbledick was no-where to be seen which was probably very wise.

So the pack set forth meeting BobbleDick skulking outside the car park. Threw a pack of chalk at Filthy Fetch Monster who then tried to offload it on us. Along the harbour front and across the road to Tung Lo Wan Fire Station. At that point the rot set in. They don't call him Dr Evil for nothing. Chalk marks were indeterminate or missing. Not helped by those added, crossed out, added again by the pack. After about fifteen minutes of running in circles the faint sound of on-on was heard from inside Victoria Park.

The pack full of cheer once again set off on the glorious pursuit of Dr Evil. Across Victoria Park then along the little path above a culvert through the Chinese Recreation Club scattering scared pedestrians as it went. All was forgiven. And then we got lost again at an open check on Tung Lo Wan Road. More running in circles. Still it gave the stragglers time to catch up and finally the sound of on-on was heard from towards Lin Fa Kung Gardens.

Up the stairs to the bus depot and another open check. Any Dick'll Do had been doing her homework and came running back from the right along Lai Tak Tseun Road and said it was left up Yee King Road. The pack set off and met a checkback. The herd then went up the shaggy (for that was where Bobbledicks last run went) for another fifteen minutes before it became apparent that Any Dick'll Do had been talking bollocks and in fact the trail was exactly the direction she said she'd checked.

Off again.. up Lai Tak Tseun Road to Tai Hang Road. The route through to the shiggy was checked off (is this a BobbleDick run?) and the trail went up past the Park'n'Shop and along Moorsom Road going all the way up to another check on Mt. Butler Road.

For some reason everyone went left towards the quarry then doubled back for the sprint through Jardines Lookout down Mt. Butler Road, along Tai Hang Road then down Broadwood Road to Causeway Bay. Some of the pack found the on home through the tunnel to the noonday gun while others ran past Sogo and found chalk to go over the walkway at Elizabeth House, while it transpired that others hadn't been able to find their way out of Causeway Bay in the first place.

A few beers in the car park, Bobbledick birthday T-shirts for some then hot showers and on-on to the curry buffet

Indy did the down downs

BobbleDick. For being too old. For being silly enough to have his 60th Birthday on the hash. A unanimous motion was passed that people over 60 should not be allowed to set runs. Besides he's been here so long he's practically a commie by now. Indie presented him with his very own commie cap and a nice pair of glasses so he could find his pension book.

Dr Evil. For being evil. For being a hare. More chalk next time. It's just not that expensive.

Priscilla. Was running late dso called ahead to "hold the pack". What, can't you run!

Macau Drunk, Frank the Plank, Liam and Iain - for being big dummies.

Winebago. For calling on non-LSW hash marks. Shame!

Any Dick'll Do. For completely bolloxing it up by t-ing off the correct route.

Rearend Scrubber, Strap on Sally, Lilly Lam. For social climbing. Didn't run and only came because it was the Yacht Club. Did they think they'd let them in after they'd seen the company they keep.

Norbert. For getting his whanger out on the run.

Motormouth. So excited and remarked of BobbleDick that 'he stood me up'. Do we hear wedding bells?

Boilers. For wanting to give his L size t-shirt to the poor. What does he think the hash is? A charity?

Jeez Wayne. For being third in on Mt. Stenhouse. Got lost and took four hours because he went up the back way.

Not Important. "How did you hurt yourself?". "Oh it was a paragliding accident". Yeah, yeah - he just ran into a fence.

Ian. Now to be named "Where's the Buffet". Errrr... through the windows in front of your nose.

Frank the Plank. For being unable to spell his name. Frank the Palator. Duh!

Castrato. For looking at signs. It's a hash man!

Sweaty. Also looks at signs. Now he should know better.

Macau Drunk. For not doing the four peaks. Or something like that. Maybe he just deserves one.

Parky. For rustling about in bushes. He was just going for a pee. Really.

Bondi Barbie. For trying to recruit LSW members for the Wanchai hash. Chuck him out!

Indy. For having atrocious writing.