LSW 1539 Wednesday 11th October 2006


Tsing Yi

Over 40 bodies gathered at the picturesque Tsing Yi Park by the Lily Pond...where the sound of a waterfall provided background music to the usual hash buzz and male/female pungent odours mixed with the scent of flowers. Numbers were swelled by the presence of about a dozen or so of the "Wednesday Runners" (the Bankers' Hash) ...comprising mostly young athletic males with fresh faces and long thighs...causing Park n Shop and Indy to look intoxicated as they salivated and lustfully strutted amongst the nubile adonises. Parky pretended not to he stretched and tried to hold in his ample single against what he aspires to... a Brad Pit six pack.

Prior to the off...the hares provided a five minute presentation...with a skilled pavement display of symbolic graphics...for the benefit of those not familiar with LSW signage. Then we were directed off into a fast scramble over a wall and up a small wooded hill...only to be a confused pack sought to identify anything which faintly resemblesd LSW symbols. After a while someone spotted something and the pack gathered speed through the park. This became a familiar pattern...stops, u-turns, etc. as we twisted on a well thought out fact the hare was quickly relaying some of the the park cleaners had apparently removed most of the flour and chalk. After what seemed like 15 minutes, the trail led out of the park...and on up steps, steps and more steps... with appropriately marked checks and false trails. This had the intended and desirable effect of frequently turning the pack inside the middle and rear runners many opportunities to lead the way. Of course, this is the essence of the craft...laying a trail which keeps the pack fairly tight and together. It also gives people like Parky a "feel good" factor...suddenly being at or near the front and being overtaken 3 or 4 times by the Bankers, Indy, Roger, Bobbledick, Marmalade... and other LSW stars. Of course, 20 years ago Parky was a front runner...those were the days !!

The well crafted trail led over all of Tsing Yi's high spots, through forests and country park paths...with occasional stunning clear night views of Tsing Ma and other brightly lit bridges. The Rambo/Wimps split worked excellent running for both calibres... later merging, to once again tighten the pack and allow the wimps to lead down the twisting trail and a stretch of tricky shiggy. Eventually, the wimps were overhauled during the long run home along Tsing Yi's modern highways and walkways...before arriving at the Lily Pond. Copious cold beer and the usual hash chat was followed by ON ON ON at a high quality Spagetti House in the modern shopping mall...where about 25 dined on mostly pizzas...but good nosh and plenty of it.

Down Downs were awarded by Indy...who also invited a Queen's Coolie to do a double act.