LSW 1532 Wong Nai Chung Gap to Stanley


Hares Randy von Fokker and Motormouth

A pack of 20 gathered at the sitting out area in Wong Nai Chung Gap and awaited the off from hares Randy von Fokker and Motormouth. Up Tai Tam Reservoir rd it was, with an early split and the Wimps turning right to go over Violet Hill.

The Rambos went left through the boom just before Parkview. Over the rise then down onto the HK stage 5 traverse. The checkback took us back up overlooking Parkview again coming out on Tai Tam Reservoir Rd. at the BBQ pits. Down the reservoir rd with a cunning detour into the shiggy where Randy got lost the last time only to find a T. Continue on down the road to a check where we all went up the wrong hill. Across the road and up the correct hill.

On to the country park road heading towards Tai Tam then a checkback where where the trail went down the rocks below the dam wall and up the other side . A long flat run to the junction between Violet Hill and the Twins. Down the shiggy to South Bay Close and a T, so back up and along the catch water to the junction of Headland Rd and Chung Hom Kok rd. The markings down to South Bay beach ended in a T so back up to run along Chung Hom Kok Rd. and on in to Stanley Plaza.

People took a little time to recover at the bins with comments overheard like 'I thought we going to finish in Repulse Bay', 'After that I thought it had to be South Bay Beach', and 'I thought we were going to Western because the last hash news said On On - western'.

The on on was indeed western at Beaches restaurant on Stanley Main Street. The staff had just finished a cocktail of barbiturates and Rohypnol and stared blankly at Randy von Fokker when he spoke of the set menu they had faxed him earlier that day. They were able to agree to any main course from the menu plus a starter and a pint of lager for $130 a head which worked out quite well.

Down downs by Boilers:

The hares Randy von Fokker and Motormouth

Lost in Space - popped in to see Stanley Ho just before the start of the run

Shergar & The Bastard - settled into fatherhood and showing up at all the runs again

Visitor - Kiwi Sausage

Macau Drunk - set a highly successful and widely praised Free China has last Saturday Just some of the appreciative comments:
  Island run just the right length for a hot day
  Bins at Lo So Shing, HK's cleanest beach
  A gracefully slow and elegant yacht moored just out of HK territorial waters
  Action packed dingy capsize drill and search and recovery exercise
  Howls of delight and joy from Motormouth and Velcro Lips
  Conditions so ideal that everyone was swimming till the last possible moment

Strap-on Sally - for not introducing her husband to any one on the run 'cos he's Not Important

Not Important - relative newcomer since nobody knows him yet

Chatroom Paedophile - brought his girlfriend to the on on and kindly let her carry his back pack

Lost in Space - for being lost...

Bill - dedicated hasher having had over 8 hours running in the last four outings

Quiche - missed the free china hash but caught the on-on-on in the Island bar till 3:30am

Motormouth - arrived at the start of the run on the back of a motorbike wearing a German WWII helmet

Bondi Barbi - like dressing up in womens clothing

Winnibago - getting quite flushed at all the talk of pheromones and sweaty armpits

Indy - non runner, just poured in from Ireland where she was poured onto the plane

Bill - lost his wallet, bank card, money and mobile in a freak yachting accident on the Free China hash. Some of if was recovered albeit slightly damp.

New runner Laura who said she might be back..

The hares again - for setting a big ole summer run