LSW 1524 HK Park to Deepwater Bay


And soo... In a strong Typhoon 1 which should have been labelled a Typhoon 10 the poor solitary hare, nay frightened little bunny, set the run from the Peak Tram Station (the A for a second week) up to Kennedy Road, where the hashers should have turned left and back down into HK Park.

Instead it appears they ran round for the next half an hour checking behind the cathedral, up to Park'n'Shop, into the Botanical Garden, along MacDonnell Rd, back to Kennedy Rd, behind the Chinese Foreign Ministry along MacDonnell Rd again until several groups of hashers opened their emergency instructions for B and made their way along Bowen Rd towards Wanchai Gap.

At Wanchai Gap they would have found the split and been on trail having missed the HK Park route past the conservatory onto Justice Drive and up past the British Consulate (where there were no complains for dropping flour or rabbit droppings or ever chalking on the walls - the cute little sweet hare had asked a policeman before hand if it was okay) up again to Kennedy Road to the Electric Shop left a little then up to Bowen Road.

On trail up Wan Chai Gap to a check with 8 different directions (is that a record?)... All the way round Black's Link to a huge flour T that the hashers had been warned about that had little chalk Ts next to it to indicate that it wasn't really a T. On through to a checkback to go down the steps to Nam Fung / Deepwater Bay Rd. The on on was over the road into the shiggy that traversed back towards Wong Nai Chung Gap then down Spider Alley along the Golf Course to yes you guessed it the Victoria Recreation Club. Pizzas, spare ribs and gluten free bread were hungrily consumed...

There was a split hare but I don't think anyone went that way ...

And so on to the down downs....

Down Down's Administered by the Sweaty and Indy Tag Team:

Filthy Festering Felch Monster - The Run…. Many different 'permutations and conjugations' of doing the run cause of ' Typhoon 1 sighting- flour' problem, …but not one hasher did the whole run on the set trail …

Boilers - checked the park in the early stages of the run, said there was no flour, so all kept checking elsewhere….the flour was indeed hidden under the slippery slide ….which so it turned out, the hashers were ironically on….

Strap On Sally - Cheating on the Hash….instead of looking for those elusive blobs of flour, she asked the locals which direction any headless runners may have headed in, and then caused the pack to get further lost ….

Sweaty - When the T-check (which was not after all a T-check!) confused him completely, he decided that he would do his own FFFM Dummy Spit and run the HK trail instead…..he almost got back in time for next week's run!

Katie - TAXI!!! Decided that was preferable to looking for trail, with partners in crime who should know better….Boilers!! Tao!!

Late Comer - Taxi also, and even asks Hash Cash to pay…..but she was the Bag Lady!

FFFM - Aforementioned charge was Sweet Revenge on Sweaty for 2 weeks previously, when he had set the run, and she had got lost….and then lost it…

Chatroom Paedophile - On the run sharing his 'expertise' about workplace politics with Any Dick'll Do, using jobspeak like 'Micro/Macro Management'….er…Que? Available for consultations to anyone who is about to lose their job….or who wants to…

Tight Lips - Also been on Management Course this week….learnt heaps about 'politically correct language' (see above)….and…..????

Winnabago/Quiche - …..Politically 'correct' language??….At the dinner table Quiche invites Winnabago to …****…his numb parts, which of course she did!!!

Fithy Festering FELCH Monster - She's done it again….changed her name in last week's write-up! It's Felch, not Filch! ..we all know who you are!!!

Dick the Shit - Has acquired a new very important title on the Free China hash! He is now officially the 'I'm a Moron' No 2….and amazingly is doing it so well…..

Bondie Barbie/Tight Lips - When Indy had a torch Blowout, BB gallantly offered to light her path, and with that disappeared into the distance leaving her in the dark……..!!! Luckily Tight Lips was around….

Piscilla - WHINGING about sore feet after he had to walk for 1 metre on stones 4 days earlier (poor dear!!)…..obviously not an Aboriginal, but may have Brit blood….

Dr Evil - Does not like to be seen publicly mixing with hashers in Wanchai, as walks past Sweaty and Indy at OCH front table, only to stumble literally into the arms of the nearest 'girlie'………much more high profile than we hashers….

Macau Drunk - Had noted that there were loads of Colombians in town, so obviously assumes that there must be plenty of coke around……

Piscilla - for his reply (that was quicker than his hobbling …..!!)… 'Go to Fenwicks any night of the week and you can get a LINE across the wall"…..not quite sure which area of 'knowledge' his 'expertise' is in??? Sleazy Wanchai bars?? Colombians?? Coke??

FFFM - Something about a male 26yr old virgin FC Hasher, who was devirginised later that night….

Quiche - Expert on Breast Pumps….according to him the motorised one is better than the manual one….????

Katie/FFFM - Finally they have called a truce to the Dragon Boat feud, with the Boat Ramming episode and IPC loss to Lamma Ladies at Stanley…

Katie/FFFM - Having been reminded about the feud, the clawing started again, with the 2 of them comparing scars….

Ditch Bitch - Welcome Back! Brave re-appearance after his last LSW run, when he was pushed into a ditch by Indy, who happily ran away from his crumpled form ….

Indy - Very appropriately wearing her Bitch Shirt…..

FFFM/Indy/Quiche - At Free China Hash, Indy held the microscopic towel for FFFM to change behind…Indy kept turning to talk to others forgetting the towel's delicate positioning, FFFM was oblivious to it, whilst Quiche couldn't believe his luck…..

Macau Drunk….Being able to remember what happened at a Free China hash….. (see above!)

Next Run - 1525 - Wednesday 5th July - Kamikaze's Last Stand

Jilted / Tiltman leaves HK, come along and send him off in style !

Hare - Hopeless

Start - 6:45 for 7pm

Venue - Sitting out area beside the Hopewell Centre, Wanchai

Torch - Yes

Directions - Wanchai MTR, Southorn Playground exit B2, left and across Johnston (tram) Rd and up to Queen's Rd East. Any bus that go along Queen's Rd East.

ON ON - Curry

Numbers required for food - email Hopeless

Lamma Ladies Dragon Boat Party

Summer wouldn't be complete without yet another pool party and here it is -- the LAMMA DRAGONS shark pool party - Splash 'n' Gnash! Saturday July 15th. $400 per person.

For full invite/details email Katie