LSW 1384 Wednesday 19th November


Well there are shit runs and shit runs

The Hash from Hell, Noble Ring's Wong Tai Sin to Sai Kung ball buster and the Tai Tam 2 checks and 3 buses run, all come to mind as shit runs.

However this run was a shit run of a different kind. 18 hardy hashers eventually showed up for the 6.30 pm slow boat to Lantau and were joined in Lantau by Lili arriving on the fast boat 5 minutes later. After loads of instructions and reminders that this run had a twist, we set off along the front at Mui Wo towards the old hotel on the beach. A few crafty checks turned the pack around a few times before we emerged out from the old village at the back of the hotel on to the path along the beach. At one point it seemed that Barbie was in the lead walking smartly along in her open toed shoes.

At the end of the beach, we headed off uphill onto the path to Discovery Bay and all the Disco Bayites then said 'shit' we are going to Disco Bay. This was probably the first time that someone also stood in shit. It would not be the last.

On up the steps we went, to be met by a bunch of school kids out for a night time hike. Have teachers not got better things to do in their spare time? Anyway past the kids and dodging the cowshit we reached the pagoda at the top of the hill before the whole pack seemed to take the wrong trail down to the bottom of the steps and the T.

Two of our number, namely Adolf and Rice Mouth thought better of the T and continued on their way to Discovery Bay only turning back after it eventually got into their heads that they should be following flour and not cowshit.

The rest of the pack returned up the steps and found the proper trail along a shiggy path to the right. They also found the obligatory cow pats and so off we headed down to the Trappist Monastery and the boat to take us back to Mui Wo. After a few worrying minutes for Parkie, wondering where Adolf and Rice Month were and the thought of having to go out and look for them, two torch lights appeared in the gloom heading for the pier.

With Adolf and Rice Month back with us, we boarded Kamikaze's normal Disney work boat for the ride back to Mui Wo. Kamikaze also took his normal seat on the boat despite his shoes stinking of shit. Why didn't he sit somewhere else, to allow some other poor unsuspecting soul next morning the joy of standing in the remnants of his shit. Mind you so many people had stood in shit that there would be no safe place to sit next morning.

Anyway shit run or should I say good run with lots of shit.

After a few beers it was On On to the Turkish Restaurant about 50 yards away and after too much food the Down Downs were given by Marmalade Head.

Parky - sweeping but kept losing Kavitha because she was too fast

Kavitha - had her belly button pierced at the weekend

Park 'N Shop - asked Big Bitch back for a beer after setting the run but only had 5 Heineken in the fridge - no Carlsberg

Big Bitch - thought she had lost her beer cooler in the rubbish, searched the rubbish and then Barbie spotted it on her wrist

Dame Edna - last run, run 313 in her nice silver tankard

Kamikaze - for stepping in all the shit

Charlie - running in the sedan chair race

Adolf - local knowledge and stuffs up the runners and comes in last

Marmalade Head - Birthday (30th) on Thursday

Barbie - starting off strong in her open toed shoes

The Bastard - lost his torch and couldn't see for most of the run

Bobbledick - took short cut into a wire fence and couldn't get through

Hash Horn - new shoes

Adolf - invited Nutcut on a leaving junk then emailed on the day to say don't come as too many guests

Sertug - restaurant owner

Parky - wanted Sertug to do a belly dance

ParkN' Shop and Big Bitch - Hares


Hare - Hash Cash

Start - 7pm Choi Hung MTR, exit A2
A to B run
Torches necessary
On On - Curry