RUN 1344 - Tung Lung Island


34 shivering, shaking, shambolic (in terms of dress code) Hashers gathered at Queen's Pier for the JSM Junk for a Boylers Buttwoman Ball Buster Bonanza!

Giving the (very false) impression it was to be a "live hare" run again, women, children, and Motormouth were sent off first to give Buttwoman the chance to get a head start. It became VERY apparent early on into the run that the hares had heard about some new fast runners coming, as they'd PRE-SET the run in the afternoon!

After the first (of three in total) checks, the Rambos were signposted off up one of the peaks. Hopeless, with a rare sight of (night-light?) got past the fading Dave Kilburn, only to find a "CB" chalked at the top. Cunningly nasty - return BACK DOWN to the Wimps run!

A second Check Back shortly after, constituting the last real "Hash Marking" bunched people together again, but from that point on it was basically an "On Home" for 40 minutes. Big Bitch reliably informed the Scribe that this week's run was a reverse of the last Boylers effort, and better, as we went UP the shaggy, not down it. Coming off the shaggy was a 4km concrete sprint home, via a wrongly marked arrow down to the beach. And, amazingly Motormouth was not last back. BUT, the boat did not manage to pull away from the pier until well past 21:30.


Late arrivals, holding up junk - Mariette, Kilburn

Returnees - Sugar Boy, Raymond Leung, Renee

No torches - Motormouth, Gerald

Bin Bag Outwear - Franz Nel

"Hello Kish" - Amelia to Natt….

Marmalade Head - organizing the Mail Bride to visit HK for a week - Thu - Wed, to avoid being seen at the #!

Bored Mum - "Gi Us A Job Eric" - Glasgow B*llocks

Oldies sheltering in the warm on the boat - McLeods, Etheridges, Ruggero

Marmalade Head - losing to Holland at cricket (at the time)

Mariette (of Dutch extraction) - "We're playing WHAT? We don't do that!".

Sugar Boy - has developed a facial problem in the 8 weeks away from the Hash.

Big Bitch - insisting LSW 1350 Run cannot be same time as South Side's 1500. (Who cares about S2H3?).

Gary Glitter - broke watch the night before, new watch - reading and failing to understand the (thick) instruction manual on the boat.

Hares - stopped by Marine Police when out setting - Dothan told them Dave was a Tourist and staying with her!

Alex - "Hey Amelia, there's bedrooms on this boat!"

Denise - on a diet, but scoffed all the crisps on the boat.

Hash*t - rubber mouse - Franz, bad fashion icon, swimming in the sea instead of showering.

Alex - worrying about his "stats" as he'd dropped off the Hash List.

Butt Fan & Colin - sowing zero concern that Denise was still out on the run.

Gerald - over generous helping of B.O. Basher.

Kamikaze - comparing Amelia's backside to the buns on the table.

Big Bitch - buying beer for the Hash on the occasion of her picking up her pensioners card on her birthday.

Anti-social Behavior, Mariette & Van Fokker for talking Flemish on the table and ignoring everyone else.

The Hares - good run, boat, fast food, fats boat to Shnurtbart!