LSW 1303 8th May 2002


THE NOTES As hare for next week's run, your scribe has the doubtful honour of trying to recall another LSW A to B ballbuster, courtesy of hares (very fit): Shaggadelic Babe & Fergie


A good sized pack, numbering circa 50 keen hashers turned up at Chai Wan MTR, expecting the worst no doubt - another trip over to Shek 0?

What was on offer however, was a 1hr 40 Rambo grind (for your old scribe anyway), taking in a bit of Mt Parker?, plenty of steps up, a bit of the Mountain Marathon trail, a long slog past Tai Tam Reservoir, some shiggy,a river rock scramble, up to Parkview etc., then down to end it all, at B opposite Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, arriving a knackering 1hr 40min. later, for Al Fresco pig out/ OnOn. The hares managed to get most of the pack back more or less together, and didn't lose anybody.


Ably dispensed by Quiche

His notes are different from mine, one of us can't have been listening, so make sense of this:

The Hares - for claiming only 1hr long run for frb's

True Hash Romance - Dan & Sarah

Rizwan - 11 years trying (married to Clarisa), finally managed it, brown bundle duly delivered

Britney - getting hitched

Karman - Forgot trainers but has wife well trained to turn up with them

Hash Crash - Secret Passage/Nutcut/Randy Van Fucker

Britney - new shoes

Returnees - Thermal Dick & Rude Balls

Boilers/Melanie/Marigold - A case of Lawyers getting lost

Big Bitch hit HashCash for something illegible

Mujahadeen - got married but left pregnant wife at home.

Limp Dick - True to form

Karman the Bulgarian - Dave Kilburn, how long has he been a Bulgarian?

Marmalade - for pushing Nutcut into river

Limp Dick - looking for the wife, on the run, only to find her already waiting at the Bucket

Latecomers - Baby Boilers & Karman for being late with backpacks???

Safety Precaution - Arlene officially banned from all further LSW hashes till after Month 9

Rendition of Hash Song- lead by the Hares

Dick the Shit, Your Scribe for the Night