LSW 1283 - 26th December 2001, Pak Sha Wan


Hares - Bobbledick and Joe "Benghazi" Schembri

A combination of many Hashers away for Xmas, Bobbledick sending out the Hash News to Ruggero on 24 December 2001 16:16, followed by Ruggero's dispatch at 25 Dec 2001 23:50:29 resulted in an elite pack of six runners, including the co-hare, Joe.

No need to send out the Hash List for this crowd : the hares plus Hopeless (providing car for transporting bags to "B"), Motormouth, Carolyn, Monica Ng and Dothan.

An EXCELLENT run started off with a sampan ride to Tai Ngam Hau (look it up on the map!) via Trio Beach. Through the village, and up the hill to a Wimps/Rambo split, with the Rambos as a "check back". Confusion followed with no T's found, and no On On for the Rambos (everyone elected to run the Rambo run). Eventually the pack found where the Rambos joined back the wimps, and tried to run the Rambos backwards(!). Getting confused, they cut their losses, and ran back, until an "open" check was found.

Hopeless led the charge through the newly cleared brush (courtesy of recent bush fires). Hitting a water pipe, the pack followed it back to the main path for a fast sprint past the Yacht Club, and onto the main road above The Lions Park. Here Bobbledick picked up the pack for an "environmentally aware" run through the Lions Park facility, taking in displays of fruit and veg', as well as livestock.

Back to Bob's for Mulled Wine and a few beers before breaking up and heading home.

Down Downs

The Hare - finished off the Mulled Wine from run #1282!

NEXT WEEK'S RUN Wed 2nd January, 2002
Hares: Abazzar, Nutcut
START: 6.45pm - A to B
Sitting out area at the junction of VICTORIA ROAD and CADOGAN STREET in KENNEDY TOWN.
(Through Kennedy Town and on the way to POKFULAM, next to BONKY PARKING in front of the old abattoir.)

BUSES: 5,5A,5X,10,47A.101,104
Green Minibus no 54 from World Wide House to Queen Mary Hospital (get out on VIC. RD)
Red Minibuses to Kennedy Town
TRAM: Any Tram to Kennedy Town-(Go all the way to the end).
ON-ON - Curry