LSW 1273, Wednesday 24th October 2001


The pack set off from the Parkview sitting out area and up the hill. I have no clue what came next for the runners because I was one of the chosen few who was allowed to short cut the trail by co-hare and sweeper Barbie - a first and no doubt last experience for me of being at the front for a bit. Most ran (and the elite few rambled along) through the Tai Tam Country Park, around the reservoir, along some trails and descended a rocky path to emerge in South Bay Close and then a long on home to South Bay for the runners and a quick cab ride for the ramblers. A great walk/run.

The on on was on the beach, where copious amounts of pizza and pasta were consumed by all. Lots of down downs doled out by Nutcut, assisted most enthusiastically by Quiche Lorraine as follows:

Boylers - not understanding that On Home should appear near the end, not halfway on the run

Visitors from Australia - meeting the in laws for the first time and brought along a baby as a peace offering

Quiche- casual looking for dress casual day

Barbie - co-hared but no setting only sweeping (a claim disputed by Barbie)

Virgin - Anna (yes another Finn)

Duncan - brought along a doctor's referral letter as proof he could not run

Returnees - Slippery Butt, Danamite, Bean counter and 2 others whose names are illegible

Boylers - took 5 hours to set the run - 2 hours spent having a dump

Philippe - turned up for a Parkview to Shek On run on Sunday with only 1 bottle of water

Anniversaries - Rudeballs 75 runs, Abbazar belated 100

Bitch's Bitch - cut himself on his forehead - shaving

Motor mouth - complaining that the salad was too oily

Back end of the Bus - got a new mobile number - chose one with 69 in it

Nutcut - hash crash

Abbazar - letting everyone know he was working on Thurs.

Diplomatic Bagagge - caught having a quickie behind the First Aid Building

All the English for losing to Ireland and Hash Cash for gloating

Hash re-namings - Base Camp to Sea Level (Brittney will no doubt be pleased to embellish on the choice)

Diplomatic Baggage heard ordering ramblers out of the way on the run and renamed Mein Kapitan

Visitor from the Kowloon Hash

Denise - sorted out the torches for the run but showed up with flat batteries
Hash Horn - for dobbing her in

Freddie - went to get changed ? in the Ladies

Justin - upset that it will take him 16 hours to do the MacLehose

Mariette - got into a brawl with the taxi driver on her way to the B

Hash pumpkin lookalikes - Back end of the Bus and Slippery Butt

Boylers - Would not tell his co-hare where the B was

The Hares - Boylers and Barbie

Rendition of the Hash Song by the Hares and a few others, aptly led by Mein Kapitan

NEXT WEEK RUN No. 1274 - Wednesday October 31
Will you survive the Witches Run?
A to B from Pokfulam Playground on Pokfulam Road at 6.45pm
Take Bus No. 40 or 40M from Admiralty, 71 from Central Ferry Piers or any No. 8, 22, 10, 31 minibuses. The park is on the left handside of Pokfulam Road, the one halfway up the hill towards the hospital, after Fulham Gardens and just before the exit of the Kennedy Town tunnel.
Chinese On On.
Torch a necessity.
Hares - Back End Of A Bus, Ramrod & Sea Level