LSW 1210 Wednesday 6th September 2000


Hares : Venus, Michelle & Tao

The gathering at Tsing Yi Town Park, first a brief explanation about the markings - look for moon markings and yellow ribbons in trees ? prizes to be awarded for bringing back durex rings!!! found between the yellow ribbons...umm.

The pack of approx 50 runners were quickly off, looking for markings through the village / car park up a nullah and backdown; frustration setting in at the front only to be rescued by a cry of on-on.Up Mount Haven? and then a long run, the pack at this stage was well spread along the field. Hash view : Tsing Yi Bridge, the on-on call now turning to boring (Hopeless), continue on Rambo Wimp split at Tsing Chin Street.For the wimps a straight run home?? the Rambo's more stairs up Sai Sham (Small Hill ! a lie) and then down to the sewage treatment works on home along Cheung Fai Rd.Approx 125 mins early runners home - the last runner in towards the end of the on on 320 mins. Well done to all.

on-on : Thai restaurant at Maritime Shopping Mall

down-downs : delivered by Hopeless and assisted by Iain Muir

NEW RUNNERS : Pete / Monica ...

HASH CRASH : Britney - non runner; having problems with landings, find a longer runway!

CHINGLISH : Venus's editorial (LSW 1209 hash news).

Hard Dressed : Bad Taste, like Derek!

Britney / Venus : Penultimate runs.

Venus : Ringing Hopeless to provide a mule service getting drinks from Welcome.

Tempting Toa : Starkers again (now she has curtains) only to find flatmate with a bloke in the kitchen? so they had a party!!

Ian W.... : Ran H4 for a year, no-one talked to him, so he came to a good Hash.

Kish : too fast...its the curries!

Justin : got lost - not calling again!!

Hopeless : shouting 'boring'.

Linda : complaints about centipedes in her armpits?

Dave kimble : 'where's the food?'

Jessica : Where does the star fruit get its name ?

Hairy Snatch : good sport - coming back.

Jean : B'day at the Mandarin Pubic Hair.

Rizwan : likes hairy legs & snatches

Rizwan : when Carissa reached 40, she had a 'heart shaped' shaved in her pubic!!

Monica : LH4 runner SPY.

Hash cash : Golfing instead of hashing next week.

Last runner home : .........Venus?

Rachel/D Kimble/Hard Pressed : Boring hash table chat - literature.

Hormone Tester : complaining her curry had no balls!!