LSW 1203 Tung Lung


Hares - Juan Check, Genevieve & Freddie

The warning that Tung Lung was close by didn't make any difference. We already knew the junk trip organised by the hares was going to be a similar expedition to the Po Toi Island run. So it was…when we approached the first pier - it was inaccessible. Engines revving to the next possible pier, the biggest 'smuggling team' of 40 hashers not so quietly got off while Britney guided the new runners on the markings. After a good 10-minute countdown to give a chance to the live hares to jet off into the dark, we went round and up the island on a newly cemented path. That was halfway the run. That was the easy bit! Then it was a different story at the top through barb wires. For some mysterious reason at that point, a lot of us ran out of batteries so we had to struggle down on the slippery shiggy. If I remember rightly, that took forever and a lot of swearing! The barking dogs was the On-Home signal then straight to the beautiful showers and cold bins. Decision was made to cancel the On-On at Lei Yue Mun and have late supper at Good Luck Thai and buckets of happy hour schnapps instead. Anyway, a great run & lots of fun! The last hashers barely boarded the boat at 10.15pm, we quickly returned back to Central via Lei Yue Mun, dropping off some sad Sai Kung merchants. Despite the rocking trip & the temporary power failure, Special Branch elaborately chose his down-down stories from the main deck:

MARK - Head start for all to see him piss at the end of the pier missing by far the giant glowing octopus.

BRITNEY (formerly known as Artful Lodger Treloar) - Instructions to the Virgins too-ooo long!

HARRY POTTER (New hasher) - New shoes.

TEMPTING TAO - Grass stains on backside but no grass on run.

FREDDIE (Venus) - Booked the On-On but only managed to fill our hungry tummies with stale biscuits, all she could get from the village.

SLIPPERY BUTT (aka Atomic or Ballistic or Bordello) - Cancelled the On-On by lying - telling we had to go to the hospital (like the 40 of us!).

BRITNEY - Good old samaritan, swept with the girls & carried one back.

MATTHEW - Scared of a Chihuahua. CUT-NUT (?) (Nick Bailey) thought it was a rat!

VISITORS - Oops from Cairns & friends.

OOPS - Second-hand shoes.

NEW RUNNERS - Stephen, Harry Potter, Linley, Candy & friends.

RETURNEE - Bogo after a 2 month break.

HASHCASH - For only collecting $20 for the outing.

JUAN CHECK & GENEVIEVE - Hashits for a great run…no-one injured.

Further to the Tung Lung Travesty Tour approximately 20 LSWers On On'd to the outdoors Thai Restaurant in LKF just below Le Jardin.

Britney was cajoled into handing out 12 Down Downs which came complimentary with the meal....

THE HARES....Justin, Mariette and Venus...for a shocking run....

AMY...for leaving HK...

BILL AND LYNNE...for nearly having to sleep together since Lynne had forgotten the keys to her house and her husband wouldn't respond to her calls...Lynee for also advertising her sportswear business on the hash...heinous crime...

QUICHE for being quiche...

RIZWAN for organising the dinner..

One other...can't remember...may have been one of the Lammaites...

THE HARES....Justin, Mariette and Venus...again...for a shocking run....

Song sung atrociously as ever...then On On to the Bit Point where we embarrassed the bar maids with the Hash Sh*ts and copious Schnapps drinking and a few of us continued on to Insomnia to dance with the Canadian Sailors...Rizwan and Adrian...