LSW 1112 - 18th November 98


The hash arrived at Yung Shue Wan at 7:20, and the run set off at 7:30. After the first couple of checks there was a bit of a sprint over to Pak Kok. A long checkback to bring the pack through Pak Kok San Tsuen. The wimps rambo split at the top of the hill with the rambos going down the water-pipe maintenance path to another checkback. Up electric road to a checkback taking the path onto the shiggy over Pak Kok Shan with the view over the East Lamma Channel of Wah Fu. The wimps route was straight through Tai Ping village and the pack rejoined on electric road. Up the Hill to a four route check back with the path going under the road towards Yung Shue Long. Another checkback past the firestation and back into Yung Shue Wan and on home.

The on on at the Lancombe Seafood Restuaurant and Derek Son of Paul the MC.

Hopeless - bought a deluxe ferry ticket, but sat in cattle.

Rizwan - smoked a packet of cigs on the MacLehose - proxy down down to Rabbi in Rizwan's absence.

Seonaid - returnee from England who didn't tell anyone she was leaving HK.

SMG III - travelled deluxe on the ferry, but was a bit Scottish and didn't buy the ticket.

Rabbi - concreted over the front lawn.

Seonaid - A bit worse for wear after the Ladies Hash the night before. Eric was asked whether she got a silver mug when she left HK - he said she was given one years ago. Call the ICAC.

Bobbledick - team player who abandoned his Trailwalker mates at stage 2 for going too slowly.

Tao - had forgotten Seonaid was Eric's better half, though she's only been gone 5 months.

Howard & Jill - got to the start on time as they didn't have Captian Caveman to get them lost.

Tao & Clive - Tao stopped on a check to bend over in her short shorts to do up her lace. Clive called "check that out".

Colin & Sue - were dancing on the bar in Carnegies till 3am waiting to see the meteor shower. The only one they saw was behind their eyelids when they they passed out.

Nick - near virgin first run with LSW.

Richard - asked how one could tell a Wimps Rambos split - Derek told him that the big 'W' and 'R' have got something to do with it. Richard said he can't read.

Colin & Sue - didn't pay hash cash last week.

Tao & SMG III - cheapskates used the LSW 1111 run t-shirt for their Trailwalker team instead of having their own made.

Michaela - complained she doesn't get the hash news email - no one knows her email address.

Hopeless - on being told there are three Michaelas on the hash said "it's a name to strike fear in any man's heart". His fiancee Michaela also gets this hash news.

Non-runners - Richard, Rabbi's brother who Sugar Boy has met on numerous occasions, but forgot the name.

Hard Pressed - 150 runs

Tazzi Devil - 25 runs.

Hard Pressed - cooked breakfast for his wife and himself for the first time, and declared it to be the best he'd ever tasted. He'd better get used to cooking 'cos his wife's not going to do it again.

Hash Cash - blisters on his feet after the MacLehose. Colin had to lance them with his swiss army knife.


Run 1113 - 25th Novemember 98

Wanchai Gap Playground, A to B

No. 15 bus from Exchange Square and Admiralty. The bus goes up Stubbs Road. The playground is on the left at the top of Stubbs Road near the police museum.

No. 1 minibus from Tamar in Central. The minibus goes up Magazine Gap Road. Get off at the Magazine Gap, Peak Road, Coombe Road intersection and walk about 600m down Coombe Road to the playground on Stubbs Road.

6:45 pm. Torches, On On at B

Hares - Olive Oyle & Phil