LSW 1111 - 11th November 98


The carpark of "The Regalis", 21 Crown Terrace, Pokfulam

A big pack of over 60 people for the Remberance Day run. Herd mentality and pandemonium was inevitable. Sure enough the herd all went up the hill at the first check, then back down again to hang around the bottom of the cemetery for a while. Amah Perks had to put his beer down and come down from his flat when he heard the run wasn't going anywhere. After several minutes of calling on-on people were led to the right trail along Victoria Road then up to Sassoon Road.

Up and over Pokfulam Road. The route left led to an On Home, which was a bit early and must've been from a previous hash. Retrace to go up behind the hospital then up onto the catchwater towards the reservoir. A Rambo check to nowhere (nice one SMG III) then onto I don't know where. After an hour and a half run we were back on Victoria Road and home to the roof of Tick Tock and Amah Perks flat. Loads of Warsteiners and home made pasta courtesy Tick Tock and Michaela.

Son of Paul's victims were:

All the Germans plus sympathisers.

Louise & Mark - engaged to be married next August.

Margie - said Louise should have a tea down-down, Derek asked if she was pregnant already.

Blowjob - got so drunk in a girlie bar last Saturday, he jumped onto the chrome pole to do some load testing. It broke in half and brought the house down (literally). He got thrown out.

Tick Tock - came up onto the roof during the run, and was sent back down to the kitchen by Amah Perks.

Bobbledick - admitted he wasn't up to going on the men's hash 'cos of the volume of beer drunk afterwards - a down-down to get some practice.

Returnees - Myrna & Jeez Wayne the 'Idle Rich'.

Rudeballs - tight bastard put a spending cap of $10,000 on his fiancées engagement ring. She managed to squeeze $20,000 out of him.

Torsten & Carissa - ran the New York Marathon - Carissa beat him by 15 minutes.

Charlotte the Harlot - told Carissa she was randy for two weeks after running her first marathon.

Rizwan - anything to report on the subject ?

Colin and Sue - Returnees from the early eighties.

Hopeless - has his bachelor party lined up in Thailand in December, except he's not allowed to go.

Rudeballs & Blowjob - wanted to hum the 'Dam Busters' theme tune during the hash.

Colin - bought some golf clubs in Singapore 'cos they were so cheap. He's broken one and lost one already.

Linda - had a haircut, manicure & pedicure and felt too glamorous to do the run.

Katie - shared a cab with Nury Vitachi to the run.

Parky - told Margie he'd run the Rambos, but was spotted trailing a trio of French girls around the wimps run.

Captain Caveman, Howard & Jill - didn't find the start until 8 o'clock.

Stuart M Gethin III - won the free t-shirt for doing the bogus rambos check to nowhere.

Dim Sum - asked if he was allowed to change into some fresh clothes before the down-downs.

Gabriella - went around the run shouting 'Are we ?' instead of 'Are you ?'.

Atomic Butt - got a bit tired and sat down for a rest, pretending to take a stone out of his shoe.

Luke the Nutter - cruelty in devising the following new shoe give away:

Boys shoe size 8½ and girls 5½ had a down-down race drinking out of their old running shoe. The winners received a new shoe courtesy Luke the Nutter. They will get the other shoe next week.

Bogie - the boys winner - well by default really as he was the only 8 ½er.

Olive Oyle - the girls 5½ winner - Maggie Motormouth cheated and poured her down-down over her shoulder onto Katie.

Maggie Motormouth - another down-down as Katie is carrying Derek's child.

Cutie Boy - is going to run naked on some of next week's run. Charlotte and Olive Oyle wait with baited breath.

Charlotte the Harlot - 300 runs.

Alan Unzipped - 50 runs.

Rudeballs - 25 runs.

Nathalie - 25 runs.

Charlie Scrungebucket - Katie gave him an entry form for the triathlon. He said she must've mistaken him for an athlete.

Sugar Boy - took two hours to do the run and on his return was given one of Katie's triathlon entry forms. Don't do it Stu.

Nathalie - instructed her friends not to talk to Derek in case they dobbed her in for a down-down.

Bogie - for thinking there was some X-files connection between the run being on the 11th of the 11th and the beers sell by date on the 9th of the 9th.

Cutie Boy, Jeeves & Atomic Butt - went for a swim after the run, then had to change outdoors as the girls had locked the changeroom.

Atomic Butt - hasn't done any training for the MacLehose but says he's loads of stamina as he's been going out with Carissa for eight years.

Mike Crudpiece - non-runner because he broke a nail.

Nathalie - new shoes.

Michaela & Tick Tock - sterling effort as cooks.