LSW 1110 4th November 98 Sai Kung


A small, but perfectly formed group of some 20 Hashers, boosted by a few more dribbeling in late, set off along the seafront and then up into the hills and villages above Sai Kung chased by the odd pack or two of Rabies infested dogs. Amah Perks had no chance to show off his FRB skills as he was injured once more (this time without the involvement of Kieran, Tick Tock or Michaela R.) and had to join the group of trailwalkers at the back. Scrungebucket had mentioned something about an "obvious shortcut" towards the end and this was the only one the walkers finally allowed him to take. Good for us, we beat the last Runners back by hours and looked in a far better state than most of them too! Ballbuster is beginning to get worried that his job of Sweeper is under threat as once more, our intrepid group of French and Germans brought up the rear. The On -On was a short walk along the sea front past the inflatable willies on display in an otherwise innocuous looking shop, to dine outside with the view across the harbour helping down the chinese meal. Some noteworthy exceptions, chose the Macdonalds option instead.

Down-Downs accredited by Amah Perks:

Olive-Oil - so much for the caring professional, drove 3 of her Primary kids to tears in one lesson and ended up with a letter from one of the parents querying if British Bulldog was an integral part of the lesson

CU Jimmy - obviously a VIP as he was on his mobile seconds before the Down-Downs began

The Nutter - Birthday Boy and good enough to invite along his parents

Scrungebucket - solid advice on how to get more down-downs, "just listen to the conversation around the table" - failed to realise I was surrounded by Chinese, Germans, French and double-dutch

Bogie, Michaela, Gaby & Jean-Pierre - belying the widely-held belief that all Germans are punctual, arranged to meet at the MTR and let us wait while they'd buggered off 10 minutes early!!!

Scrungebucket - slow learner, supplied Castle for the Bins again, despite last weeks cache ending up being buried on the beach

CU Jimmy and Philippe - returnees

Clive - shortcutting b*****d

Gecko - so desperate for a free beer he dobbed himself in! Got carried away with the shopping in Beijing and bought so much crap he had to buy two new cases to get it all back to HK

Cutie-Boy - borrowed Marvellous Marvin's car for Maclehose training, almost crashed it numerous times on the way home due to sleep deprivation and then left the keys in the door after he returned it

Michaela - a newcomer to HK who had knee problems on her first LSW run in Aberdeen a few weeks ago so, decided to try again in Sai Kung "because the New Territories are flat, aren't they?"

Nathalie and Christine - complaining they didn't know about Run 1111 next week despite it being on the website and in the last 5 Hash news'

Cutie-Boy and SMGIII - building team spirit for attempt on Maclehose, they spent all night trying to dob each other in for Down-Downs

Tick-Tock and Barbie - despite Amah Perks nursing football injury and so doing the Wimps, they not only subjected him to 1.5 hrs of Womans Circle type chat but wouldn't even let him shortcut!

Non-runner - SMGIII

Marvellous Marvin - bleating to Cutie-Boy how he'd run at least twice as far as everyone else (stupidity is not something to be proud of Marvellous)

The Nutter - hassling Charlotte the whole evening (was it follicle-envy?)

Crud Piece - 75 runs and still crawling

Olive-Oil - lost ANOTHER torch (this one found it's way back to give her a Down-Down though)

Amah Perks - cruelly dobbed in by Scrungebucket just because he was good enough to help Tick Tock out with her collection of Big Mac meals.

The Hares - Scrungebucket and Charlotte