LSW 2010 Wednesday 3rd June


Hang Hau

Hares - Fumio & Just Add Alcohol

Our all Nippon No-sagi were well prepared for today’s Hasshu. We found ourselves back at Pui Shing Park – scene of the (Odayaka-ni, Betsu-no) Motormouth “Kurashikku” run 7 weeks ago.

Yoidesu things were promised – although the No-sagi briefing outlining a “9.5km Rambo and 8.5km Wimps” drew a few gasps from around the group. “Plus some Sukuranburingu shiggy!” Winky Twinkie had a bit of a girn. “Ah am nae canty“ he grumbled in his best pro-SNP voice. Oh well, off we went, Gobi Lo having set off half an hour before the pack.

The first 2km or so of trail exactly mapped the Motormouth run – Hang Hau Village and up the stairs towards the ridge, Hopeless, Tequila and Lost In Translation leading the way, with Steve Holmes in close attendance (until Breon caught up!).

The first (of three!) W/R splits occurred at the (Akumeidakaidesu, Sore o youself o okonaimasu) MM “Check” just short of Clearwaterbay Road. This time there was an actual Rambo split, with markings, the hardy going over the top to meet the Wimps who contoured.

Cut right onto Clearwaterbay Road, and the headless chickens heading down the hill before Hopeless calls back Breon, Lost In Translation, Come Into My Tunnel and Platey down Ah Kung Wan Road. Past Steve Holmes’ house as Godzilla Buttfuk calls out “anyone want to buy a car, going cheap as I’m leaving Hong Kong for good in 3 weeks’ time?!”. Sorry – no sale mate!

Predicted Check takes us onto Silverstrand Beach and an Mezurashi-desu W/R split… Rambos across the sand, and rejoin the Wimps 200 metres further on at the steps! Another Check off the beach heads up the stairs past Silverstrand Mall and across down the steps to come out at Tseung Kwan O hospital.

Wai-Chee now leading the charge behind Breon, and the third split. Wimps stay right to head towards home, while the Rambos head into a construction site and a riverbed. Breon was found wandering around the riverbed while Hopeless and Tequila head up the water pipe and the ON2.

An Suguremashita but Sho-to route through the trees and into a small market garden area set up by the local villagers. Down the terracing stairs to the rejoin on Chiu Shun Road, and up over the bridge to the Jitaku-de and cold drinks.

Very well marked trail, a great job by the hares who followed this up with a bottle of sake to enhance our Down Downs in the Thai restaurant later on in the evening.

DD's by Indy

The Hares - Fumio / Just Add Alcohol ....Great run!!

JAA - had been all upset as left the sake for DD's at run site.... after she had had a couple of 'nips' that is!

TV Tits - coming to the rescue and driving hares back to find sake near rubbish bin!

Fumio / JAA - The 'We were robbed' Run..... R advertised at 9.8 kms..... Reality 6.1 kms..... W advertised at 8.8 kms...Reality... 5.6 kms?? What happened to the rest of the run??

Hopeless - putting word around that it was going up Razor Hill shiggy!... so rumblings of Wimps trail began before the run....

Lost In Space - one of the early converts to the W trail after Hopeless' prediction!

Fumio / JAA - 3 W/R splits.... the second one being a small beach split of about 50 metres......

Sweaty - (in absentia!)... most disappointed that run was not 9.8 kms... he had been saving himself and his energy for a long run!!

JAA - laid trail on W run that took Wimps up the back end steps of the R trail... 'Oh did I?' says she...

Mustafa K**t - was the first to go up the Rambo trail that R's were coming down....

Bobbleduck - was coming down steps that W were going up!

JAA - confusing the pack...... not a difficult thing to do!

Fumio / JAA - setting trail past Godzilla's flat causing him to give up run and have a shower before returning to run site for a beer...

All those who did the shiggy trail - Hopeless / Macau Drunk / Dogs**t / Bubbleduck /Comes In My Tunnel.. and the rest who I can't remember...

Dr Evil - so upset at not being able to find trail early on at last week's run that he came back to A and had a mild dummy spit, threatening to not pay hash cash for his 1 km...! ...(for the record, he did pay!)

Bubbleduck - last LSW run for 6 months as off to Sth America on his bike trip! Adios again!

Toilet Spray - taking phone call in middle of DD's...

TS / TV Tits - longest shower 'together' jabbering away in Chinese for hours!!.. no idea what the goss was obviously!

Returnees - Mustafa K**t / Gary Glitter!!

Non Runner - Mrs Fumio

Gary G - bad legs / knees... months off hashing so taking it easy!

CIMT - 'all by himself', cause wifey's 'having his baby'? No....a work dinner!

Lost In Translation - here with Hopeless this week!

Hopeless - putting it out of Facebook that 'Can't wait to get back to HK to see my beloved!!' plus 2 'suitcases' of shopping he bought for her!.... it must be 'lerve!!'

LIT to Indy - 'butt texting' whilst in ToysRus.... that would be 2 DD's... the other for being in ToysRus!!

The hares - beginning of the run was the same as Motormouth's for 2.2 kms.... but for actually continuing on interesting trail forwards, whilst MM's just went back.....

Anniversary - Toilet Spray - 152 runs...Yeh!!

The Hares - Great run, great bash....


LSW2010 Hang Hau 6.10km 52mins